Wildlife control expert Jerry Landry has been providing nuisance wildlife management services in the Northeast Illinois area since 1996. A lifelong resident of the Western suburbs, Jerry is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist who spends many hours in the field when not working.

Jerry's interest in nature and wildlife is what eventually drew him to the the business of wildlife management. Jerry has a unique appreciation for both wildlife and for the concerns of humans who may be adversely affected by wildlife interactions.

If you are experiencing an unwanted wildlife intrusion at you home or business, give Jerry a call. Jerry will take the tme to listen to your problem and suggest a step by step solution. At Nuisance Wildlife Control and Removal, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest - we try to treat you like you are a family member.

We are a licensed and insured professional Nuisance Wildlife removal company in Illinois. We've earned an "A" rating as a service provider on Angie's List. Checkout some of our reviews!

FUN FACT: A study by Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation of suburban Dundee found that few raccoons captured by wildlife control specialists and released in area forest preserves decided to stay there. Most left within two to three weeks and some were recaptured in nearby homes. Studies confirm that raccoons raised in forest preserves tend to stay there. Those raised in attics and chimneys seem to prefer residential areas.