Simply put, we are the best. Yes - easy to make that claim but we stand by it. We have a passion and respect for wildlife and also appreciate how a wildlife intrusion can be a stressful experience for a homeowner. In fact, a fair amount of our clients call us after they have been disappointed by one of the "national" wildlife companies.

Whether you use our service or not, insist on seeing proper credentials before hiring a nuisance wildlife operator. Make sure they are properly licensed to trap AND are insured. Having an uninsured propreitor climbing on your roof will put you at great risk.

We've earned an "A" rating on Angie's list by providing prompt, professional service. Check out some of our reviews

For a typical animal trapping job, there is a one- time trap setting fee and an animal pickup charge.

We understand that the decision to call a professional wildlife control operator may be a sensitive issue, so we strive to be as discreet and professional in carrying out our services. Our vehicles have no markings or advertisements.

Yes, we can professionally repair roofs, soffits, fascia, gutters and siding. We can also handle attic remediation (the removal of feces and urine soiled insulation ) with disinfecting, deodorizing and blowing in new insulation to satisfy building code requirements.

If the remediation is on the outside of the structure, many times we are able to set traps without inconveniencing the homeowner. We provide excellent communication via phone, text or email while you are at your place of employment,

Our experienced trappers can get quick results from years of experience with all types of animals intrusions. Please know that we will pursue a remedy to its end and sometimes this may take several days to achieve the desired results

Yes, we routinely remove animals that have crawled under a deck or porch and have died, even up in attics. We will usually apply a biodegradable disinfectant/deodorizer to help subdue the unpleasant odor that can occur.

We provide our services seven days a week. We have been known to even work on holidays! At times, however weather can prevent traps being set if there is rain or ice /snow.

If your dog or cat has confronted a skunk, call your veterinarian to determine current recommendations for washing the animal to get rid of skunk odor. A home remedy formulation reported by some to be effective is as follows: 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1⁄4 cup baking soda, 1 teaspoon liquid soap. Once the hydrogen peroxide is mixed with the baking soda, the mixture is unstable and generates oxygen, and thus cannot be bottled or stored. Apparently, oxidation changes the chemical composition of skunk scent so that it no longer smells. When the fresh mixture is applied to items contaminated by skunk odor, the smell diminishes quickly. Any leftover mixture should be diluted several fold with water and poured down the drain. Hydrogen peroxide mixtures can be used safely on pets and people as well as on clothing and furniture. Rinse pets thoroughly with water after treatment.